Spinnaker’s: So much more than craft beer

If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen my instagram stories documenting our visit to Vancouver Island. ​Located in British Columbia’s capital of Victoria, Spinnaker’s Brewpub is a full-service restaurant with craft beer brewed on-site. I first discovered Spinnaker’s beer while visiting Whistler last year and of all the beers we reviewed, placed Spinnaker at the top. So I was so pleased they were willing to host us for our visit to Victoria so we could get up close and personal.


​Touted as Canada’s first brewpub, Spinnaker’s approach to beer and food focuses on sourcing local ingredients and illustrates their pride in the region.  In addition to brewing beer, bread and baked goods are made from scratch on-site and a chocolatier crafts specialty truffles that are paired with beer. A full kitchen dishes out exquisite farm-to-table meals all day. Nearly every ingredient on your plate is sourced from the island.  Breakfast is the best kept secret. If you catch the intoxicating smell of their daily scone, you’ll know you need to enjoy one. And to bring a taste of Spinnaker’s home, a small shop located at the entrance, called Provisions, allows patrons to stock up on Spinnakers beers, bakery and chocolate truffles.

[We] have partnered with over 35 local farmers and producers who supply us with fresh, local foods all year long. We seek ingredients with good stories behind them, and our team brings it all together with their passion to make Spinnakers an authentic taste of Vancouver Island.


​One of my favorite things about the craft beer community in British Columbia, including Spinnaker’s, is the prevalence of wheats, wits, and hefeweizen. It is my favorite style of beer and not so common at San Diego breweries. I enjoyed Red Fife Hefeweizen and Westsong Wit. The brewers have perfected the Belgian-style. The hefe is made with Red Fife wheat grown in BC and is described as having “subtle hints of bread, vanilla, banana and clove.” How can that not be delicious?!


​If you are looking for unique accommodations, then look no further than Spinnaker’s on-site guesthouses. I have to thank Spinnaker for putting us up for a night at their one bedroom garden suite. As always, all opinions are my own. The garden suite was private and quiet with all the necessary amenities to recuperate from our beer tasting. Guests are treated to Spinnaker’s best: a truffle/beer pairing and breakfast in the morning.  We were delighted to learn that breakfast wasn’t some lousy continental you’d experience at a chain hotel, but anything off their full breakfast menu. And it was the breakfast, scones in particular, that won our hearts. Below are photos from our room and the path between the brewpub and our suite. With the beautiful landscaping and foliage, it’s earned the name garden suite.

We loved Spinnaker’s so much that even after we checked out, we came back the next day for breakfast.  We just had to come back for another scone.  I’m telling you, they are life changing. Get out to Victoria, a great beer and food city, and made a stop at Spinnaker’s.

Spinnaker’s Brewpub and Guesthouses
308 Catherine, Victoria BC