Trombones & Blues Guitar – The Avila Beach Blues Festival

Having attended the Mammoth Bluesapalooza Beer and Blues Festival for the past five years, we have become big blues fans. Bluesapalooza has introduced us to some great musicians like Buddy Guy and Trombone Shorty.  So when we discovered both were playing at the Avila Beach Blues Festival, we immediately bought tickets. Having never heard of the place, we were delighted to find that Avila Beach is a gorgeous venue in coastal San Luis Obispo. What a great spot for a concert and having front row tickets didn’t hurt either.  I hope you enjoy my video of highlights.

Trombone Shorty and the Orleans Avenue are the most energetic performers.  Probably my most favorite live performers.  At the age of 80, Buddy Guy is a true legend and we’re fortunate that he’s still performing. He engages with the audience, interjecting during his songs with comments like “They don’t play this s@*t on the radio” and after singing a line says, “I didn’t write this s^*t”.  He doesn’t hold anything back. And while you may think he’s getting a little crotchety in his old age, his unabashed behavior is charismatic. An Avila Beach concert is worth a trip to San Luis Obispo. Check out my video of our airbnb in downtown SLO. Plus, check out the upcoming concerts and events at Avila Beach Golf Resort.  Hell, they have a macaroni and cheese festival.  How can that be bad?


Disclaimer: Just want to make clear that I am not being compensated for these opinions. No one is yet paying me for sharing my incredible thoughts.